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Accelerate Your Business by Hiring Our Graduates

Our approach takes indviduals from Ready to Work, to Ready to Contrbute

Creating a sustainable talent pipeline

Become a partner

By partnering with us, you have the chance to showcase your products & services to our students & graduates.


Graduates of our bootcamp can begin their employment within your company on a probationary period, providing an opportunity to showcase their skills and fit with your company culture.

Committed to Career Change

Our students are committed to making a career change. They enroll in our bootcamp to specialize in blockchain development. You can trust that they will be diligent and motivated throughout the hiring process, without the concern of ghosting or slow responsiveness.

Experienced Programmers

Our applicants bring prior programming experience to the table. In rare cases, college students who excel on a challenging programming assessment may be accepted. The majority of our enrollees, over 95%, are seasoned programmers.

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