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Web3 Solidity Bootcamp

(Ethereum Blockchain)

4 months online Bootcamp designed for your transition from Web2 to Web3. Our project-based curriculum will teach you everything on Ethereum Blockchain, Defi, and smart contracts. Together with a job*.

2 weeks no questions asked refund policy | Get hired – or your money back, guaranteed

Why Metana?

Metana is one of the longest-running and most successful Web3 bootcamp on the internet. Metana’s graduates are equipped to succeed in the professional world through Metana’s foundational teaching method & its JobCamp™️ allows students to thrive in their first job and every job after. Metana’s solidity bootcamp is like no other. Go beyond learning Solidity, tokens, and NFTs. We believe you can become a senior blockchain engineer through expert mentorship.

Web3 represents the next wave of the internet, built on decentralized networks that promote much greater individual control and privacy. To fuel this innovation, companies are scrambling to hire Web3 developers.

If you’re a software developer looking to upskill, Web3 could be your perfect opportunity to work at the forefront of tech innovation.

When you learn Web3 skills, you put yourself in a position to transform your career, income, and future. Metana’s Solidity bootcamp trains you for a Web3 career in as few as 16 weeks.

Roles and Salaries

In the field of Web3, there are many career paths to follow based on your skills and experience. Metana’s Web3 Solidity Bootcamp gives you the opportunity to become a Smart Contract Developer, Web3 Developer, or Smart Contract Auditor. Here are the industry average Web3 Developer Salaries according to Source.

PositionAvg Yearly SalaryMin Yearly Salary
Max Yearly Salary
Smart Contract Developer$120k$60k$200k
Solidity Developer$100k$58k$180k
Rust Developer$110k$60k$180k
Blockchain Developer$91k$50k$175k

Senior developers have the highest average salary of $120k per year, with a minimum base salary of $65k and a maximum of $200k.

Junior developers have the lowest salary. Their average yearly salary is $60k, with a minimum base salary of $25k and a maximum of $120k.

PositionAvg Yearly SalaryMin Yearly Salary
Max Yearly Salary
Senior Developer$120k$65k$200k
Lead Developer$120k$70k$200k
Architecture Developer$117k$60k$200k
Junior Developer$60k$25k$120k

Metana Gurentee’s you a job upon completing the bootcamp – Or a 100% refund. Click here to learn more about Metana’s Job guarantee. 


We offer three options to get your course and career change started. All plans include a full refund policy if you do not get a job after graduating.

This investment includes a full year of access to our Web3 course material. Additionally, the course offers live events, AMA sessions, personalized support from the instructor, and a certificate of completion for those who complete the course.

You can pay your tuition via card, bank transfers, or with crypto.

Tuition for our Web3 Development bootcamp is $6,000

  • Paying upfront Discount – $500
  • Non-Job-guarantee discount – $1,000 (If you choose to not have the job guarantee, you get an additional $1,000 discount) 
Pay Upfront$5,500.00
Monthly installments
$1,500.00/MO (4 Months)
Pay after you get hired (US Students only)*
$1,500 Upfront & Pay the rest after you get hired

* Credit check & Pre-approval required

**Tuition will increase to $7,980 for all cohorts in April 2023. To lock in the current tuition rate, pay your tuition in full or the first month’s installment and enroll in a cohort that begins in 2023. You’re eligible for a 100% refund till 2 weeks after starting the cohort.

Upcoming Cohorts

We have monthly cohorts. You can always choose to pause the program and resume where you left off if it’s too fast-paced for you or if life gets in the way. There is no financial cost associated with this. We want you to succeed and won’t make you follow a schedule that doesn’t suit you.

January Cohort09 January 2023



Metana’s four-month curriculum will teach you how solidity on Ethereum works from the ground up. Our bootcamp is very development heavy & focuses on your portfolio to show future employers. We do not believe in recreating the wheel. This is a guided pathway we’ve put together with quality content & vetted exercises from all over the internet to make you job-ready.

Week 01
ERC-20, its variants, and token sales
Week 02
ERC721, its variants, marketplaces, and staking
Week 03
ERC1155, ethers.js, metamask, build a front-end app
Week 04
Hardhat, unit testing, mutation testing, and static analysis. Introduction to hacking exercises. Hacking exercises 1/10
Week 05
The Ethereum client: tracking logs and other on-chain data. Build some cool dashboards.
Week 06
Hacking exercises 2/10: Re-entrancy, insecure randomness, bad access control, and other common vulnerabilities
Week 07
Hacking exercises 3/10: common vulnerabilities continued
Week 08
EVM Deep Dive, Gas Optimization. Hacking exercises 4/10
Week 09
Advanced Solidity: A complete tour of OpenZeppelin and advanced programming patterns. Hacking exercises 5/10
Week 10
Yul and Assembly: Build a non-trivial smart contract entirely in assembly.
Week 11
Yul and Assembly continued: Hacking exercises 6/10
Week 12
Smart contract upgrade patterns: UUPS, Metamorphic smart contracts, and other upgrade patterns. Hacks related to upgrades. Hacking exercises 7/10.
Week 13
Public Signatures and how to break them. State channels and other signature-related patterns. Build an Ethereum wallet from scratch. Hacking 8/10
Week 14
Defi Protocols and Hacks. Hacking Exercises 9/10
Week 15
Defi Protocols and Hacks. Hacking Exercises 10/10
Week 16
Capstone 1/3 and Chainlink Oracles
— Optional Extended Curriculum —
Week 17
Capstone 2/3 and Blockchain Dev ops
Week 18
Capstone 3/3 and Smart Contract Fuzzing
Week 19
Cross Chain Techniques, Bridges, and L2s
Week 20
Research report: The Evolution of ERC20: ERC223, 667, 777, and 1363
Week 21
Symbolic Execution and other Advanced Security Techniques
Week 22
Golang crash course and diving into the Geth Client

Admission Policy and Process

You have to prove your seriousness in learning and then only you are admitted to our bootcamp. This makes our admission policy as unique as our Bootcamp.

Admission Policy

  • Only programmers with at least a year of professional experience will be considered. You must be proficient in English.
  • The coding test result you receive will be the most important component of your application.
  • Past achievements. We want to see that you have the perseverance to work at something until you master it.
  • It will be beneficial to have some prior knowledge of blockchain programming. Although prior knowledge is not required, our curriculum is fairly fast-paced, so having a head start will help you succeed and show us that you are committed to the subject.

Admission Process

Submit your application

Schedule an interview call with one of our student admissions officers

Complete the coding test

  • After you submit your application & schedule an interview call with one of our student admissions officers, You will receive an email with a link to a coding test. (Dates are available within 3-7 days from the application date)
  • You need to complete the coding test within 3 days.
  • Send us an email if you need more time (
  • Your application will be rejected if your score falls short of a predetermined level. Because we need to compare your application to those of the other applicants for the upcoming cohorts, we can’t always make a decision right away.
  • We limit cohorts to 10 students per month to ensure maximally effective learning outcomes. If you have a great application but didn’t quite make it in, we will offer to waitlist you for the upcoming month.

Meet the Instructors

Dhruvin Parikh

Dhruvin has been in the blockchain space since early 2017 and is currently CTO & Lead Blockchain Developer at

Dhruvin has been a Blockchain professor since 2019 at George Brown College and York University based in Toronto which is Canada’s first college and university to offer a blockchain program.

Career Success - Metana's JobCamp™️

Our career success team gives our students the professional skills they need for their first job and every job after. Knowing how to get a job is critical, which is why our Career Success team helps you graduate ready for the job search. And even after you graduate, our team is available to keep you motivated, prepare you for interviews, and even help you negotiate offers.
  • Build a Technical Resume
  • Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Network within the Industry
  • Prepare for Behavioral Interviews
  • Stay Motivated on the Job Search
  • Craft Cover Letters
  • Communicate with Recruiters

First Impressions

Make a brilliant first impression. LinkedIn, GitHub and Resume templates and guidance.

The Hunt

Learn to build connections, how to look for jobs, and explore starting as a freelance.

The Interview Process

Learn about both the technical and non-technical parts of an interview. How to prepare effectively.

Technical Know-How

Learn common data structures and algorithms, and describe them during a whiteboard interview. Practice coding techniques for take home assignments.

Frequently Asked Questions

15% Tutorials, 85% Coding. Group office hours will be held once a week & with a weekly one-on-one session

All content will be delivered through video & text using our LMS. 

Still have a question? Send us an email at

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What is included in the course price?

Expert-curated curriculum

Weekly 1:1 video calls with your mentor

Weekly group mentoring calls

On-demand mentor support

Portfolio reviews by Design hiring managers

Resume & LinkedIn profile reviews

Active online student community

1:1 and group career coaching calls

Access to our employer network

Job Guarantee