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Metana's Job Guarantee

With our job guarantee, you’re guaranteed a new job in web3—or you’ll get a full tuition refund. We’re so confident that our programs provide a direct path to a high paying job that we offer the following guarantee:

If you qualify for our 100% Tuition Refund Guarantee, fulfil the requirements, and still don’t get job offers paying $50,000 a year (or $4,166 a month) within 180 days after graduation, you’ll get a full refund.

Basic eligibility criteria
Basic eligibility criteria

Who qualifies for the Tuition Refund Guarantee?

The criteria listed below are a starting point in the process and do not guarantee eligibility.

Metana's Statement of Job Guarantee.

One of the most common questions we receive from prospective students is, “How is Metana able to guarantee a job? That seems like an incredibly bold claim.”

At first glance, you’d be right to be skeptical. We don’t control the employers we partner with or the companies you will interview with.

But there is actually a way for Metana to offer this and still remain financially viable. As long as Metana has a high success rate in placing students, then Metana is able to stay profitable.

Therefore our goal is to prepare you in such a way that it is incredibly unlikely that you would not get hired.

Let’s use an extreme example to drive the point home. A hypothetical student graduates from a top university grinds leetcode for 3 months, builds side projects with a visible portfolio, and sends out dozens of applications. On top of that, this hypothetical student knows insiders at various companies and asks for a referral. This student conducts herself in a professional manner throughout the whole process.

What are the chances that this hypothetical student would not get a decent job?

We think you’d agree that not only is it incredibly unlikely that this student wouldn’t get a decent job, but you’d also be surprised if that student didn’t get a job at all. In fact, if you were forced to wager on the student’s outcome, we’re pretty sure you would bet on the student’s almost inevitable success. Maybe once in a blue moon, you’d lose your bet, but the majority of the time you expect your bet to be profitable.

That’s the bet that Metana makes. Thus, Metana’s job guarantee isn’t really that incredible if you think about it.

We know what a compelling applicant looks like, and our goal is to help you transform into that compelling applicant as quickly as possible.

The job guarantee is not about us being so amazing. Sure, we are selective in who we admit. Yes, we put a lot of effort into both our general curriculum strategy and your personal strategy. Of course, our partnerships matter a lot.

But the job guarantee is about you and a process that has worked for so many other successful job seekers. We guarantee that if you check certain boxes, there is a decent company out there that is desperate to hire you. We are not pretending this is easy. Some of those boxes are difficult to check and will require a lot of work on your end, but we’re here to help you check them.

Metana is about showing you the fastest path from where you are now to the dream applicant companies want. That’s why we stand behind our job guarantee