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Withdrawal and Refund Policy

The following framework and refund table are provided as a reference and are based on your signed Student Agreement. Any tuition refund is determined solely by the withdrawal, removal, and refund policies set forth in the Student Agreement.

Framework: A student who is removed from Metana will have their tuition prorated as described below.

Refund table: 

Timeframe Percentage Refunded
Before program begins Full Refund
Week 1 Full Refund
Week 2 Full Refund
Week 3 75% Refund
Week 4 75% Refund
Week 5 75% Refund
Week 6 75% Refund
Week 7 50% Refund
Week 8 50% Refund
Week 9 50% Refund
Week 10 50% Refund
Week 11 25% Refund
Week 12 25% Refund
Week 13 25% Refund
Week 14 25% Refund
Week 15 No Refund
Week 16 No Refund

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