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Get hired – or your money back, guaranteed.

Learn Web3,
Get Certified,
Land a job

Join Metana’s 16-week blockchain Bootcamp and become a skilled blockchain developer. Our curriculum, created with industry leaders, covers everything from basics to advanced security, Solidity, and Solana Rust. Plus, we guarantee a job after graduation. Start your blockchain career today!

Web3 Solidity Bootcamp - Metana - Ethereum Blockchain


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Web3 represents the next wave of the internet


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Blockchain Education

Web3 Bootcamps

Get hands-on experience on how to architect, develop, & scale Web 3.0 apps. We don’t just teach you solidity. You get into the serious weeds. How about, breaking public signature cryptography and reverse engineering an unverified smart contract without a decompiler? Advanced testing strategies beyond unit tests?

Web3 Solidity Bootcamp

With just one course, you can learn how to develop Ethereum blockchain applications. Master Solidity, Web3.JS, Truffle, Metamask, Remix, and Other Tools.

2 weeks no questions asked refund policy

Web3 Solidity Bootcamp - Metana - Ethereum Blockchain

Metana's Job Guarantee

Get hired – or your money back, guaranteed. 💯

With our job guarantee, you’re guaranteed a new job in web3—or you’ll get a full tuition refund. We’re so confident that our programs provide a direct path to a high-paying job that we offer the following guarantee:

If you qualify for our 100% Tuition Refund Guarantee, fulfill the requirements, and still don’t get job offers paying $50,000 a year (or $4,166 a month) within 180 days after graduation, you’ll get a full refund.

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Rare Skills

Metana's Advanced bootcamps

Our AI/ML & Cybersecurity Bootcamps are intensive programs designed to give you the skills & experience you need to succeed in today's fast-paced technology industry. With hands-on projects, & expert instructors, our bootcamps provide a comprehensive education in the most in-demand skills. Whether you're looking to launch a new career in AI, ML, or cybersecurity or to advance your existing skills, our bootcamps will give you the knowledge & experience you need to succeed.

Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Cybersecurity professionals work to prevent cyber attacks by safeguarding companies and individuals against online theft, disruption, misdirection, and unauthorized access to their electronic data and services.

AI Machine learning Bootcamp

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are among the most in-demand skills in the world. With the growth in automation and robotics across industries, there are massive job opportunities in AI programming, data science, engineering, and research.

Metana Certified

Be a Metana Certified

Blockchain Expert​Machine Learning EngineerCybersecurity Expert

Metana's skills certifications are a set of free certification tests open to all developers. Designed to help you grow your career, Metana's skills certifications are a recognizable way to showcase your technical knowledge to your network, your peers, and potential employers.

Stand out from the crowd

Get certified in technical skills by taking the Metana's Skills Certification Test

Standardized Assessment

Assessments are organized around specific skills and are carefully curated based on years of recruiting data from 2000+ companies

Enrich your profile

Upon successfully clearing an assessment, you can promote yourself using the Metana's certificate to peers and employers

Career support

Metana's JobCamp™️

Ace your tech interviews with the help of seasoned professionals. Develop your LinkedIn and GitHub presence and practice your interviewing skills. Experience data structure and algorithm mock-up interviews. Open to anyone seeking extra help and an edge in securing their first job. Metana or other coding bootcamp grads, CS grads, self-taught developers are all welcome.

First Impressions

Make a brilliant first impression. LinkedIn, GitHub and Resume templates and guidance.

The Hunt

Learn to build connections, how to look for jobs, and explore starting as a freelance.

The Interview Process

Learn about both the technical and non-technical parts of an interview. How to prepare effectively.

Technical Know-How

Learn common data structures and algorithms, and describe them during a whiteboard interview. Practice coding techniques for take home assignments.

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