Our Tuition options

Invest $6,000 for a $50,000 raise 🚀

We offer four options to get your course and career change started. All plans include a full refund policy if you do not get a job after graduating. 

This investment includes a full year of access to our Web3 course material. Additionally, the course offers live events, AMA sessions, personalised support from the instructor, and a certificate of completion for those who complete the course.

You can pay your tuition via credit card, bank transfers, or with crypto. 

Tuition for our Web3 Development bootcamp is $6,000

International Students,

  • International student discount – $500
  • Paying upfront Discount – $500

US students,

  • Paying upfront Discount – $500
  • Pay when you start to earn – Credit check & Pre-approval required