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Metana Partner Perks

271 deals available. Get access to up to $1,000,000+ in savings on the best software to scale your business.


Developer platform to help build decentralized applications

$2,500 Alchemy credits

Save up to $2,500


Manage your professional identity. Build and engage with your professional network.

LinkedIn Premium for 6 months

Save up to $180


IPFS Storage & Gateway. Developer platform to build & scale blockchain-powered apps.

$5k QuickNode Credits

Save up to $5000


Enhancv helps you create a resume to be proud of. It's modern and people remember it.

EnhanceCV Premium Plan

Save up to $80


Secureframe helps companies get enterprise-ready by streamlining SOC 2 compliance.

10% off for 1 year

Password manager for documents, credit card information, and more.

$100 credit on a 1Password Teams or Business account

Save up to $100


AngelList is a platform for startups to meet investors, candidates, and incubators.

Get 20% off your first year of AngelList​

Work management platform for cross-team collaboration and productivity.

Get Asana completely free for six months

Save up to $2400


Coda is a new doc that grows with your ideas and streamlines tasks.

$1,000 in Coda credit towards any Pro or Team plan

Save up to $1000

Constant Contact

Constant Contact provides email marketing solutions for small businesses.

50% off your first 6 months of Constant Contact Standard

Save up to $105


DocSend is a secure document sharing and tracking solution for businesses.

Get up to 90% off DocSend for a year

Save up to $486 per user


EasyPost offers simplified shipping APIs for seamless logistics solutions.

10k free shipping labels per month and 1% CC fees on postage


Experian is committed to helping you protect, understand, and improve your credit

50% discount on 1st year business credit monitoring

Fireflies is an AI tool for recording, transcribing, and searching meetings.

Get up to $500 in Fireflies credits on the Business Plan

Save up to $500


Firstbase provides remote teams with tools and equipment for efficient work.

15% off your first year with Firstbase Agent Autopilot

Freshworks offers customer engagement tools for businesses to grow better.

Save up to 90% on Freshworks’ suite of products

Save up to $100000


Gleen AI is an accurate generative AI, mastering your company's details.

$1,000 credits on Gleen paid plan

GoDaddy is a web services provider offering domains, hosting, and more.

Save 35% off your new purchases – No Minimum

Indeed is a job search platform connecting employers and job seekers.

$500 credit towards sponsoring jobs on Indeed

Intercom provides customer messaging tools for sales, marketing, and support.

12 months free for Startups
Kruze Bookkeeping

Kruze provides accounting, tax solutions, and financial advice for startups.

One month of free accounting subscription

Save up to $600

Kruze R&D

Kruze provides accounting, tax solutions, and financial advice for startups.

33% off the filing fee of the Federal R&D Tax Credit

MagicBell is a complete notification system for web and mobile apps.

Get 25% off for any paid plan for 6 months

Save up to $24 - $299

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Ads advertise your business on Bing, MSN, and Yahoo.

20% off the first year for any plan

MongoDB is a flexible, scalable, NoSQL document-based database system.

$500 in credits for MongoDB Atlas

NVIDIA is a tech leader in AI, graphics cards, and computing solutions.

Receive expedited review and entry to NVIDIA Inception

OpenAI is an AI research lab developing safe and beneficial AI tech.

$2,500 in OpenAI platform credits valid for 1 year.

OpenPhone is a business phone system for startups and small businesses.

20% off your first 6 months

Save up to $15 - $24


OracleNetSuite is a comprehensive business management software suite.

10% discount on first year subscription

Oura is a personal health tracker ring analyzing sleep and recovery.

$30 off one Oura Ring health tracker

Postscript is a SMS marketing platform for growing eCommerce brands.

30 day free trial

Save up to $1000


QuickBooks is a comprehensive accounting software for small businesses.

30% off your first 12 months

Save up to $108 - $720

Read AI

Read AI is a platform generating AI summaries for meeting insights.

2x the AI generated meeting summary quota of the free plan

Real is a mental health platform offering therapy and self-care tools.

25% off Real’s annual membership

Remote is a global HR solutions provider for hiring and paying teams.

20% off Employer of Record Services and Contractor Management

Save up to $5.8 and $199


Rewatch is a video library solution for companies to organize content.

20% off your first year of Rewatch

Save up to $57

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is a advanced financial management platform for businesses.

Brex rewards points rebate equal to 10% of first year subscription

Save up to $2000


Sapling sits on top of CRMs and messaging platforms and provides real-time suggestions.

33% discount for all Sapling plans

Scale AI provides data labeling services for Machine Learning.

Get access to Forge and Spellbook

Scribe creates visual guides for teams, delivering them at needful times.

50% off one year of Scribe Pro

Save up to $72 - $138


Segment provides a platform for collecting and analyzing customer data.

$50,000 Segment credits

Stable offers price risk management tools to protect businesses from volatility.

20% discount off of any plan for the first 12 months

Statsig provides feature management and experimentation tools for software.

Pro-tier subscription for 12 months

Summari offers AI-powered tools to summarize and condense lengthy texts.

Business plan: first 3 months free, next 3 months 25% off

Superpowered is the AI notetaker for your meetings.

15% off your first 6 months of Superpowered Pro.

Save up to $81


Tango documents any process and turns it into a step-by-step interactive walkthrough.

3 free months of Tango Pro OR $2,000 off of Tango Enterprise

Save up to $48 or $2000


Tranch is the payments platform for businesses who want to pay and get paid faster and easier.

10% discount off your first invoice fee paid via tranch

Carta is a platform that helps companies and investors manage their equity.

20% discount on first year, waived implementation fees & 10,000 Brex Points
Celential AI uses artificial intelligence to streamline the recruitment process.

10% off any subscription

Retool is a platform that simplifies the process of building internal software.

$25,000 in credits for 1 year for new customers

Save up to $25000


Rippling is an HR platform that manages payroll, benefits, devices, and more.

20% off first year of Rippling

Save up to $19


Algolia is a search and discovery API platform for building powerful applications.

$10,000 Algolia credits for eligible startups

Save up to $10000


Antimetal provides a platform for managing data security and privacy compliance.

Save 75% on AWS in 2 minutes. Get 3 months of Antimetal for free.

GitHub is a platform for hosting code, project management, and software building.

Get your first year of GitHub Enterprise for free.

Deel is a platform for hiring, compliance and payroll for remote teams.

Get 20% off Deel Or $25k off and a free HRISyour first year of GitHub Enterprise for free.

Save up to $25


Zeplin is a workspace to bridge designers and developers for collaboration.

1 year free

Save up to $8 - $16


Namecheap is a domain registrar offering affordable domain names and hosting.

Up to 100% off

AWS is a Amazon's cloud platform providing computing power, storage, and more.

$5k credits

Save up to $5000


Slack is a communication tool for effective collaboration in teams.

25% off

BoxyHQ provides API suite for fast, secure, and compliant app development.

$2K credits

Save up to $2000


Beehiiv is a collaboration platform enhancing team productivity and coordination.

20% off

Save up to $8 - $16


Qureos is an educational platform offering learn-and-earn opportunities to users.

75 candidates + more

Simplified is a suite of design tools aimed at enhancing content creation.

50% off

Streak is a CRM tool that integrates directly with your Gmail inbox.

25% off + more

Save up to $3 - $32


Swiftlane provides touchless access solutions for secure building entries.

$1K off

Save up to $1000


Supabase is an open-source alternative to Firebase for backend development.

1 year free + more

Wellnite is a digital platform offering affordable mental health services.

Free access

Fillout is a tool that helps companies automate paperwork and form filling.

30% off

Save up to $4 - $22


Byteboard is a platform providing skill-based technical interviews for hiring.

$1,250 off

Save up to $1250


Hex is a collaborative data workspace providing data analysis and sharing tools.

3 months free

Save up to $108 - $225


Your legal, finance, tax and fundraising need in a single platform

30% off + more

Save up to $195 + more


Zeni is an AI-powered finance platform providing real-time insights for businesses.

20% off

Save up to $109 - $159


Pilot is a service providing bookkeeping, tax preparation, and CFO services for startups.

20% off
Punch Financial

Punch Financial offers high-end CFO services and financial consulting for startups.

25% off

Rillet is the first accounting platform made specifically for SaaS companies.

$3K off

Save up to $3000


Integral is the world's currency technology partner.

20% off

FlowFi’s mission is to help companies operate at peak financial performance.

50% off

Instantly integrate your digital apps and we'll get your books and taxes right.

3 months free

Fincent is a modern finance firm offering relevant, new age services.

25% off

Save up to $31, $35 and $44


AirCFO provides part-time CFO services and financial management for startups.

$5K credits

Save up to $5000


Bookkeeper360 is a fintech accounting solution for small businesses

25% off

Bench is an online service providing bookkeeping and financial reporting services.

30% off
Tukel Inc

Affordable bookkeeping, reporting and tax services for online business owners.

25% off
Manay CPA

Full service accounting and tax services from Atlanta, GA CPA firm, Manay CPA Inc.

20% off
Bean Ninjas

Passionate about helping you find the right eCommerce tech stack.

30% off

Fondo is an all-in-one accounting platform for startups.

$1K off + more

Save up to $1000

Marz Agency

Marz Agency is a Digital Marketing firm for disruptive online growth strategies.

$1000 credits
AdQuick, the easiest way to plan, book, and measure out-of-home advertising.

$500 credits

Amplify your message with efficient programmatic DOOH advertising

20% off + more

Jasper is the best AI writer and AI marketing software for enterprise teams.

7 days free

Charlie is an easy to use AI platform for content creation

50% off

Save up to $4 - $45


Tome provides outlines for effective expression of thoughts.

500 credits

Eco Cart is an online platform providing eco-friendly and sustainable products.

1 month free
Position Green

ESG firm offers software, advisory, and e-learning for sustainable success.

20% off

Wren offers monthly subscriptions for carbon footprint offsetting.

1 month free

Instrumentl is a nonprofit tool for discovering, tracking, and growing grants.

$100 off

Save up to $100


Lune calculates emissions and aids sustainable growth via climate projects.

5% off

Vowel: Enhances meetings with video, transcriptions, summaries, and collaboration.

50% off

Save up to $8


Infobip is an engagement tool with drag and drop email, SMS, chatbots, and custom APIs.

Up to $50k

Save up to $50


Self-serve community platform for customer conversion, engagement, retention.

25% off

Save up to $149


Appsmith simplifies internal tool development for businesses.

$30k credits

TalentQL is a recruitment firm that sources, manages, and retains software engineers.

10% off

Rootly centralizes incident management effectively at Linktree.

$1K credit

Carrd is a platform for building responsive one-page sites for almost anything.

30% off

Save up to $2 - $14


Mux simplifies video solutions for software teams, from live-stream to on-demand.

$1k credit

WorkOS is a set of building blocks for quickly adding enterprise features to your app.

$3k credits

Svix provides an enterprise-ready webhook service for quick platform building.

25% off

Save up to $2 - $50


Reflect is an automated end-to-end testing a that makes tests easy to create and maintain.

50% off

Save up to $100

Triple Whale

Triple Whale centralizes the metrics from all the tools you use, right into your pocket.

15% off

Save up to $19 - $41


Gorgias is the ecommerce helpdesk that turns your customer service into a profit center.

2 months free

Save up to $600


Airhouse: A network of high-performance warehouses backed by powerful tech.

$1,250 credit

Tool to create quizzes for product recommendation, subscriber growth, and sales.

20% off

Save up to $10 - $40


Yotpo: eCommerce retention platform with reviews, SMS, email, loyalty solutions.

2 months free

Airhouse: A network of high-performance warehouses backed by powerful tech.

10% off + more

Save up to $110

Milkshake Media

Result-driven Email Marketing Agency offering exceptional service to eCommerce brands.

$1,200 off

Save up to $1200


SkuVault Core simplifies ecommerce operations with unified inventory management.

$1K off

Save up to $1000


ShipBob is a global fulfillment solution trusted by brands for order shipping.

$300 credit

Import, manage and ship your orders with ShipStation.

30 days free + more

Save up to $9 - $299


Retrievables is a marketplace linking businesses owed money to collection law firms.

100% free

Full-stack finance partner for VC-backed Startups.

1 month free

Save up to $6000 - $7500


Shareworks is a provider of web-based stock plan administration technology and services.

50% off


Pulley helps thousands of companies manage their cap table and equity.

15% off

NeoTax helps companies save money on taxes through the R&D credit and R&D capitalization.

25% off

Addition Wealth

Addition Wealth: A platform making personalized financial expertise accessible.

50% off


Routable is a B2B platform enabling businesses to send and receive payments.

90 days free


Streamlined is a AI platform unifying B2B orders, invoices, and accounting.

6 months free


Finmark is a financial modeling tool for easy startup finance forecasting.

50% off + more


Figure is a financial services company leveraging blockchain technology.

50% off


Shoobx is a fidelity's platform for managing equity and legal documents.

20% off


Fairmint is an automates fundraising, making it inclusive and always-on.

30% Off

Save up to $299


MainStreet is a platform helping businesses claim tax credits and government incentives.

25% off your fees

Forecastr is an online tool for founders to forecast revenue and get funded.

20% Off + more

Tillful is an SMB fintech focused on modernizing business credit.

Free Business Score

Long Term Stock Exchange drives long-term profit with purpose for innovative companies.

1 year free + more

GrowthLab is a financial platform offering planning, accounting, and tax consulting.

15% off + more

Republic curates high-growth private investment opportunities across sectors.

20% off
Grantify Inc

Grantify helps businesses to get government business grants and creative industry funding.

$400 off

Save up to $400


OnFolio helps investors buy and operate content websites for profit.

Free Business Evaluation

Visible is a telecom company offering unlimited data, minutes, and messaging.

100% off

Ansarada: Sydney-based provider of virtual data rooms and business info.

30% off
Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers is a marketplace for buying and selling online businesses.

10% off

Kickfurther buys inventory from suppliers and partners for sales.

$1k off

Save up to $1000

FreeMind Group

The FreeMind Group consults life science organizations in securing non-dilutive funding.

15% off
Design For Decks

Assists founders in creating impressive pitch decks to attract investors.

$500 off + more

Save up to $500

Microsoft for Startups

Help startups accelerate innovation with AI, guidance, and essential tech.

Up to $350k benefits

Thatch is the #1 e-commerce platform for travel creators.

50% off

Save up to $500


Provides the operator and the operating system to help manage corporate functions.

5% off a year

Develops desk reservation and team scheduling software for hybrid workforces.

2 months free
Franklin Payroll

Franklin offers a tool for firms to make global cash and crypto payments to employees.

3 months free

A global marketplace helping companies hire aligned professionals for full-time roles.

3 months free

Catch provides health insurance, retirement plans, and tax services for freelancers.

4 months free

A publication covering HR business, aiding professionals in creating better workplaces.

$1,000 credit

Gusto is a people platform aiding businesses with payroll, benefits, and team support.

3 months free

Navan automates processes with travel, expense, and card management.

$1,000 reward

Clerky makes it easy for startups and their attorneys to get legal paperwork done safely.

$100 off

Save up to $100