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Human-led Learning For Your Company.

Taking Organizations to New Heights: Collaborative Instruction, One-on-One Mentoring, and Hands-On Projects. Your  #1 pathway for a high-performing team in blockchain, AI/ML, or Cyber. Our curriculum, created by industry leaders, covers everything from basics to advanced topics.

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With a 4.8/5 star rating on Course Report, and Switchup, we're one of the top Web3, data engineering and cybersecurity bootcamps.

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Expert Education

Why Metana

Traditional Bootcamps Metana’s Bootcamp
Focused on subject competency 🌱 Focused on skills mastery
Content breadth 💎 Content depth
Fully self-paced 👽 Fully human-led
Self-Accountable 👨‍🏫 Coached
Certificate of completion 👩‍💻 SME-critiqued
Learning progression 🚀 Career progression
Ideal for:
   – Topic awareness
   – Individual learning

Ideal for:
   – Skill acquisition
   – Up-skilling
   – Cohort

Humans teaching humans is how it gets done

Our approach has helped industry-leading companies in achieving greater agility by elevating employees into highly skilled professionals.


If you or your employees have ever tried learning from videos, you probably know it can be a bit passive. People’s minds wander, they do other things while watching, and usually, they only learn enough to pass a quiz and get a certificate. But then they forget what they learned pretty quickly.

That’s why we do things differently. All our courses are made, taught, and supported by experts in the subject. And it’s not just teachers – with Springboard, you can talk to advisors who are there to help you, have one-on-one sessions with mentors who know about the industry, and be part of a group of peers who support each other.

1:1 Mentorship

According to a survey done by CNBC Work, 90% of employees who have a career mentor feel satisfied with their jobs, and 83% believe that their mentor plays a positive role in their decision to continue working at their company.

At Metana, professionals who are experts in their fields help students navigate difficult parts of their studies and, in certain situations, become long-lasting sources of guidance in their careers.

Hands-on projects

The saying “learn by doing” has stood the test of time because it’s effective.

A significant aspect of every interaction with Metana is when a student successfully finishes a portfolio project. This task is not only about becoming an expert in a particular skill but also addressing a real challenge they face in their current work routine. With the guidance of their mentor, this approach helps them apply the skill to real situations, giving them immediate and practical benefits.

Collaborative learning

In a period where people are experiencing increased isolation and disconnection, Metana’s collaborative learning strategy brings about more than just mastering skills; it forges meaningful connections.

While students can still learn at their preferred speed—with the help and guidance of coaches and mentors—they are doing so as part of a community of fellow learners. This distinct approach also accelerates the process of enhancing the skills of entire teams simultaneously.

Expert Education

Metana's Advanced bootcamps for companies

Get hands-on experience on how to architect, develop, & scale apps. We don’t just teach you solidity, AI, Machine Learning, or Cybersecurity. You get into the serious weeds. How about, breaking public signature cryptography and reverse engineering an unverified smart contract without a decompiler? Advanced testing strategies beyond unit tests? Learn to build modern web apps, crack codes, and dissect smart contracts. Enhance your skills with practical projects led by experienced instructors. Prepare for a thriving career in the booming tech field with our comprehensive training courses.

Most Popular 🔥

Web3 Solidity Bootcamp

The most advanced Solidity curriculum on the internet

With just one course, your employees can learn how to develop Ethereum blockchain applications, Defi, and smart contracts. Master Solidity, Web3.JS, Truffle, Metamask, Remix, and Other Tools. This is a 4-month program designed for transition from Web2 to Web3.


Software Engineering

Equip your team with cutting-edge tech expertise. Accelerate innovation and productivity with our comprehensive training. Our bootcamp teaches in-demand skills through a progressive curriculum and hands-on projects.


Data Science

Build data science skills and master machine learning techniques through our project-based curriculum

Unlock the Power of Data: Enroll in Metana’s Data Science Bootcamp. Elevate your team’s analytical skills in just one comprehensive course. Master Python, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, and more.

Transform your data into actionable insights. This 4-month program is tailored for a seamless transition into the realm of advanced data science from conventional methodologies.


Data Analytics

Equip your team with essential analytical skills in one intensive course.

Transform Data into Insights: Join Metana’s Data Analytics Bootcamp. Equip your team with essential analytical skills in one intensive course. Learn data visualization, SQL, and statistical analysis. Elevate your decision-making prowess.

This 4-month program is tailored for a swift transition into the dynamic world of data analytics.

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Kickstart your companies tech-stack in AI and Machine Learning with Metana’s immersive 36-week bootcamp. Experience highly curated content, expert mentorship, and hands-on projects using real-world data. Navigate the $2 trillion AI ML market with the support of a vibrant community, a clear roadmap, and robust online learning resources. Metana’s proven track record ensures your organization is well-prepared for success in this rapidly growing field



Fortify Your Digital Defense: Join Metana's Cybersecurity Bootcamp.

Arm your team with elite skills in just one comprehensive course. Master ethical hacking, risk management, and security protocols. Shield your organization from cyber threats with hands-on training. This 4-month program is designed for a seamless transition into advanced cybersecurity practices, ensuring a robust defense in today’s digital landscape.


Metana's JobCamp™️

Get noticed and land more interviews.

In times of organizational change, such as layoffs, prioritizing the well-being and future success of your employees is crucial. Metana’s JobCamp is a specialized career services bootcamp designed to support individuals through the challenging process of finding new employment opportunities that align with their passions and skills.

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