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Recruitment & Staffing for fast-growing web3 companies

We are professionals that can easily deal with any your hiring needs

Few of our prominent partners

3 weeks

on average to close a vacancy


people placed in top companies


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Why Metana Recruitment?

Access to Top Talent

As the premier Web3 bootcamp, we've cultivated a community of exceptional individuals who are not only passionate about blockchain technology but also possess the skills and expertise needed to drive innovation in your organization.

Specialized Knowledge of Web3

Our team consists of industry experts with a deep understanding of Web3 technology and its applications across various sectors. Whether you're in finance, healthcare, supply chain, or any other industry, we have the knowledge and resources to connect you with talent that aligns with your specific needs and goals.

Efficiency and Expertise

Time is of the essence, especially in the fast-paced world of Web3. By partnering with Metana's recruitment arm, you can streamline your hiring process and gain access to our expertise in sourcing, screening, and selecting candidates. We handle the legwork so you can focus on driving your project forward.

Easy and affordable hiring

Looking for Solidity engineers?

Partner with us, the top choice for recruiting!

We're at the leader in blockchain education, with a strong technical background to grasp your hiring requirements.

We're the longest running web3 bootcamp on the internet.

Our curriculum has been developed by industry experts and being vetted by 10's of major Web3 companies.

Unlike typical recruiters, we've invested months in training candidates, giving us unparalleled insight into their abilities.

Our candidates boast an average of 12 years in engineering and one year in Solidity experience.

If you’re hiring, you really have nothing to lose by filling out this form!

Refundable up to 60 days if the candidate does not perform. | Quality talent – or your money back, guaranteed

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