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Metana's JobCamp™️

Get noticed and land more interviews.

Advance Your Tech Career: Join Metana’s JobCamp to enhance your developer journey. Learn to make a lasting first impressions, network effectively, & search for jobs with confidence. At the interview phase; master technical and non-technical interviews, and negotiate better salaries. Open to anyone seeking extra help and an edge in securing their next job. Metana or other coding bootcamp grads, CS grads, self-taught developers are all welcome.

2 weeks no questions asked refund policy | Get hired – or your money back, guaranteed



16-22 Weeks

Course Duration


Time Commitment

4.8 Star

Rating on Course Report

First Impressions

Make a brilliant first impression. LinkedIn, GitHub, and Resume templates and guidance.



Elevator Pitch

Job Search

Learn to build connections, how to look for jobs, and explore starting as a freelancer.


Local Community



Learn about both the technical and non-technical parts of an interview and how to prepare effectively.

Interview practice

Preparing for pre-tests

Post Interview

Our Students Work For,

Meet the Instructors, Coaches & Advisors

Career Coaches 💎

David Roberts

David helps developers to stand out in the market, land more interviews and get the jobs they deserve.

He has been a Software Developer for over 20 years and also been the Head of Talent Acquisition for multiple, international recruitment teams. He has interviewed thousands and hired hundreds of remote developers for some of the world’s leading brands.

He’ll show you what the recruiters see and how to get past them!

Gaurav Valani

Gaurav has been able to hold a lot of different titles such as: Founder, VP of Global Talent Acquisition, Career Coach, Speaker, and Entrepreneur.

He still coaches high performance professionals w/ CareerSprout and advises startups.

Career Advisors

Pat Yiu

NOUNS | De University of Ethereum | COO at Valts | Ex Y-Combinator & TechStars

Pat is passionate about building new opportunities for students and competitors to explore the world. Focusing 2023 on building better systems for first-time founder fundraising, mentorship resources, and scholarship programs.

Pat is building Valts, where Twitch streamers reward their audience with NFTs. Raised $4 million.

Aaron Guyett

Co-Founder & CTO at | Ex Amazon, Pedestal

Aaron is a tech and compliance geek, gamer, and web3 builder. Currently, he’s enabling brands to engage at

Technical interview Coaches 👨‍💻

Dhruvin Parikh

Dhruvin has been in the blockchain space since early 2017 and is currently the CTO and Lead Blockchain Developer at 

Dhruvin has been a blockchain professor since 2019 at George Brown College and York University based in Toronto, which is Canada’s first college and university to offer a blockchain program.

David Killen

David is currently a Sr. Blockchain Engineer at TrustWallet. He’s Ex-ConsenSys/Truffle Suite & a Solicitor.

David started his career in software engineering in 1997 writing financial technical analysis software for Reuters. He then changed his career to be a commercial and intellectual property lawyer. He entered the blockchain space in 2011.


We offer two options to get your career change started. All plans include a full refund policy if you do not get a job after graduating.

This investment includes a full year of access to our JobCamp course material. Additionally, the course offers live events, AMA sessions, personalized support from the instructor, and a certificate of completion for those who complete the course.

You can pay your tuition via card, bank transfers, or with crypto.

Your first months salary

Pay $4,000 & the rest after you get hired

We guarantee a job within 6 months. You get your $4,000 back if we fail to guide you to get a job within 6 months.

With Job-guarantee ✨ 
Total tuition
First-month salary
Paid at enrollment $4,000  (Fully refundable if you do not get a job)
Paid after you get hired
Your first-month salary minus the $4,000 you already paid 

Pay Upfront

$7,500 $8,500

Pay upfront & save up to 28% on tuition. We guarantee a job within 6 months. Students who pay their first month salary pays us $11,800 in average, & some up to $20,000!

  With Job-guarantee ✨ 
Total tuition before the discount $8,500
Discount -$1,000
Paid at enrollment $7,500
Total cost $7,500

Jobcamp Registration

Secure your spot now. Spots are limited, and we accept qualified applicants on a first come, first served basis..

The registration takes just 2 minutes to complete.

What is included in the course price?

Expert-curated curriculum

Weekly 1:1 video calls with your mentor

Weekly group mentoring calls

On-demand mentor support

Portfolio reviews by design hiring managers

Resume & LinkedIn profile reviews

Active online student community

1:1 and group career coaching calls

Access to our employer network

Job Guarantee

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