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Hi, i’m Matt.

Mathieu Bertin


Matt Bertin, a seasoned software developer with over 8 years of experience, wasn’t convinced when he received a call about Metana’s Solidity Bootcamp at 6 am in California. “I thought you guys were a scam,” he admitted with a laugh. Matt, is a master of building scalable web applications with tools like Nextjs, React, and Nodejs, was intrigued by Web3 but unsure if he could make the transition.

Transformation & Key Learnings:

Despite initial skepticism, Matt dove headfirst into the Metana Bootcamp. His experience with Typescript proved valuable as he grasped core Solidity concepts. He actively participated in module assignments, pushing himself further by creating teams to tackle Capture-the-Flag (CTF) challenges within the Metana community. This dedication and collaborative spirit not only solidified his own understanding but also inspired his fellow students. The instructors at Metana were impressed by Matt’s commitment and the genuine passion he brought to the program.

Success Story:

Matt’s hard work and the transformative power of the Metana Bootcamp paid off in a big way. He was, he landed a remote position as a [Job Title] at a reputable company, securing a highly competitive salary of $125,000 per year. “Metana not only erased my doubts,” says Matt, “but it equipped me with the skills and confidence to succeed in the exciting world of Web3.”

Call to Action:

Are you a developer looking to make a similar leap into Web3? Don’t let skepticism hold you back. The Metana Bootcamp can be your launchpad to a fulfilling and lucrative career in blockchain technology. Enroll today and follow in Matt’s footsteps! (Optional: Include a link to the bootcamp registration page)

From Skeptic to Web3 Star: Matt Bertin Lands $125k Remote Job during Metana's Solidity Bootcamp