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How much can blockchain developers actually make? 💰

Blockchain Developer: The most hyped job in 2022. A Blockchain developer is a highly skilled individual who can efficiently code for designing, developing, and testing blockchain applications.

Now you know blockchain developers work on building a blockchain. There are different types of blockchain developers, who work on different blockchains. Just like we have android developers and iOS developers, we have solidity developers & rust developers & a lot more for different blockchains available today.

Now to the answer you’ll have been waiting for. How much do blockchain developers really bag?

Source – ZipRecruiter (Blockchain Developer Salary)

According to ZipRecruiter the national average in the US is $154,550/year which goes as high as $242,000/year.

The above numbers are amazing, but there’s something we all are missing. As a blockchain developer, you can make money with freelance projects. Blockchain engineers are like a very rare sector of diamonds, there are tons of projects that are looking for blockchain engineers.

At Metana, we offer a 4-month boot camp if you want to make a career move to web3. You know the entire world is moving to web3, and it’s our job to help you transit smoothly from web2 to web3. So, do check out our boot camp if you are serious about making big bucks as a blockchain developer.

Not just that we also have an amazing community with a lot of projects, so do join the discord.

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