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Web3 Technical roles

Technical roles within the blockchain web3 Industry

You may question what are the technical roles in the blockchain web3 Industry. There are a range of positions, and knowing what each one entails can help you figure out where you belong in.

  1. Smart Contract Developer β€” Develops the essential number crunching operations for backend smart contracts, which must be flawless and bug-free. For Ethereum-based smart contracts, developers commonly use Solidity, and for Solana, they use Rust.
  2. Web3 Developer β€” Builds a frontend for a website or dApp that links to a wallet like Metamask and communicates with the core smart contract. Web3 developers often have some webdev expertise and use Javascript for the most of the intricacies.
  3. Smart Contract Auditor – Focuses on security and avoiding money loss. Auditors will evaluate code, seek for edge cases, and make evaluations using tools like fuzzers.
  4. Web Designer – This is frequently the same profession as a web3 developer, but someone with a design background and knowledge with graphics and CSS may be quite valuable.
  5. User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimisation (UX/CRO) Roles β€” In the DeFi market, user experience and conversion rate optimisation are frequently disregarded. As the market gets more competitive, this will become more important, and many projects will be able to enhance their conversions process and usability by doing so.

Non-Technical Roles

  1. Miners / Node Operators
  2. Marketing
  3. Legal Advisors
  4. Social Media Manager
  5. Investment Analysts & Traders

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