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Step-by-step guide to install and setup Metamask Wallet

Why Use MetaMask?

MetaMask allows interactions between the Ethereum blockchain and a crypto wallet. While it defaults to the Ethereum network, other EVM-compatible chains can be added in a few simple steps. Without further ado let’s jump into how to setup Metamask wallet

Installing the Wallet

Download it on either Chrome, IOS, or Android at and install it.

how to setup Metamask

How to setup metamask: The Steps

1. Click “Get Started” to begin setting up a wallet.

Metamask welcome screen

2. “Click the Create a Wallet” button if you’re setting up a new wallet; otherwise, click “import wallet” if you already have a seed phrase/ account.

new to metamask?

3. Another prompt will show up asking if you want to help improve it. Accepting or rejecting will have no impact on your wallet.

Help us improve Metamask

4. Choose a wallet password to keep your wallet safe, this is not your seed phrase. Click on “Create” to continue.

create password for metamask wallet

5. Watch the video to learn about the Secret Recovery Phrase

video on seed phrase by metamask

6. Click to reveal the seed phrase, write it down and keep it in a secure place and do not share it with anyone, then click “next”.

secret recovery phrase

7. Repeat the recovery phrase to confirm you jotted it down correctly.

confirming seedphrase

8. Click “All done” and your wallet is now set up!

congratulations page

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