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Tag: Blockchain Security

Smart Contracts

Address Poisoning in Smart Contracts

Web3 thrives on user empowerment and the ease of sending and receiving cryptocurrency. However, a growing threat lurks in the shadows: Address Poisoning. This malicious

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Smart Contracts

Oracle Dependence in Smart Contracts

Web3 applications represent the cutting edge of decentralization, but they do not operate in isolation. These applications require real-world data to function effectively, and this

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Smart Contracts

Governance Attacks in Smart Contracts

In the realm of Web3, the concept of decentralization is not just a buzzword—it’s a fundamental principle. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) epitomize this ethos, where

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Smart Contracts

Reentrancy Attack in Smart Contracts

In a traditional transaction, one party sends funds to another in exchange for goods or services. This exchange typically follows a well-defined sequence of steps.

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Ethernaut Walkthrough

Ethernaut Level 12 Walkthrough: Privacy

Ethernaut Level 12 titled “Privacy” challenges the concept of “private” data on the blockchain. In this level, you’ll encounter a locked contract, and your objective

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Ethernaut Walkthrough

Ethernaut Level 11 Walkthrough: Elevator

Ethernaut challenges, comparable to a Web3-themed hacking Capture The Flag (CTF) competition, offer a dynamic environment for diving into Ethereum and Solidity programming. Each level

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