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ChatGPT x Solidity x AIPRM: Extension for Learning Solidity and Generate Smart Contracts.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have been steadily gaining popularity in recent years, and as a result, there has been an increased demand for developers with expertise in blockchain programming languages like Solidity. However, learning Solidity and creating smart contracts can be a challenging task, especially for beginners. In this article, we will explore a powerful Chromium extension that can help users learn Solidity and easily generate smart contracts.

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What is Solidity?

Solidity is a programming language used to write smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a high-level language that is similar to JavaScript and is designed to be both human-readable and easily executable by the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Solidity is an essential language for developers who want to create decentralized applications (dApps) on the Ethereum network.

Introducing AIPRM Extension for ChatGPT

AIPRM is a new tool that adds a list of curated prompt templates to ChatGPT, the large language model trained by OpenAI. These prompts are specifically designed to help with SEO, SaaS, and other needs, and are written by experts in their respective fields. AIPRM also includes a range of premium features such as “Favorites,” “Hide Prompts,” and “Custom Prompt Lists” to make it easier for users to customize their experience. Additionally, users can adjust ChatGPT’s responses with “Custom Writing Tones,” “Custom Writing Styles,” and “Custom Power Continue.” With many free features available, AIPRM is a promising addition to ChatGPT.

Our team recently utilized a powerful new extension to create a custom prompt template called “Solidity Learning Assistant” which will be invaluable for developers looking to learn Solidity. By using this extension, we were able to create a prompt template that is tailored specifically to the needs of Solidity learners. This will make it much easier for developers to get started with Solidity and accelerate their learning process. With the help of this extension, we’re excited to see more developers entering the world of blockchain and contributing to this rapidly evolving field.

Features of the Solidity Learning Assistant

The Chromium extension comes with a range of powerful features that can help users learn Solidity and create smart contracts. These include:

1. Solidity Syntax

Can answer your questions and doubts related to Solidity syntax

2. Smart Contract Generator

This tool could write you smart contracts but if you don’t have any prior knowledge in writing smart contracts we suggest not use this, also this tool is more optimized for learning assistance.

3. Solidity Mentor

You can ask this to teach you about topics such as gas optimizations, security even roadmap to learn, basically a virtual mentor.

Getting Started with AIPRM

To start using AIPRM, simply download the extension from the Chrome Web Store or visit and install it in your browser. The extension is pretty easy to use. if you are confused you can check out this video.

After installation, go here to access our learning assistant or simply search for it


In conclusion, the AIPRM extension and learning assistant prompt we have discussed in this article are powerful tools for learning Solidity and generating smart contracts. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, this extension can help users of all skill levels improve their Solidity programming skills.

Frequently asked questions
  1. Does ChatGPT use Web3?

No, ChatGPT does not use Web3. Web3 is a decentralized version of the internet that is built on blockchain technology. ChatGPT is a large language model that is hosted on a centralized server.

  1. Is ChatGPT decentralized?

No, ChatGPT is not decentralized. It is a large language model that is hosted on a centralized server.

  1. What language is Solana written in?

Solana is written in Rust. Rust is a modern programming language that is designed to be safe, fast, and reliable.

  1. Does ETH use Solidity?

Yes, ETH uses Solidity. Solidity is a programming language that is specifically designed for writing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

  1. Who writes smart contracts?

Smart contracts can be written by anyone who knows how to code. However, there are also many companies and organizations that specialize in writing smart contracts.

  1. Does ChatGPT use blockchain?

No, ChatGPT does not use blockchain. Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that is used to record transactions securely and transparently. ChatGPT is a large language model that is hosted on a centralized server.

  1. What is Solidity in Bitcoin?

Solidity is not used in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is not based on smart contracts.

  1. Can ChatGPT write smart contracts?

ChatGPT can be used to generate code, including Solidity code. However, ChatGPT is not a substitute for a human developer. It is important to have a human developer review and test any code that is generated by ChatGPT.

  1. Is this tool free to use?

Yes, the Chromium extension is completely free to use.

  1. Can the Chromium extension generate smart contracts?

Yes, but not recommended. This tool is more optimized for learning not generating smart contracts.

  1. Is the Chromium extension suitable for beginners?

Yes, this is made for beginners who want to learn solidity.

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