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how to start learning web3

Step by Step: How To Start Learning Web3

Due to the high salaries of web3 developers in the blockchain sector, many aspiring and seasoned web2 developers aim to learn web3 development.

According to platforms like Web3 Careers, Senior Software Engineers with development experience in Solidity can earn a starting salary of $200,000 a year, and as remote-first work on dispersed teams is typical for many web3 firms, many developers find working in web3 to be an appealing career path.

SOURCE: Remote Solidity Jobs – Sep 2022 (

With all the buzz surrounding blockchain technology and investments in web3 businesses, developers are left wondering how to get started learning web3 development and working in the web3 sector.

Fear not fellow developers! In this article, we will explore a step-by-step guide on how to start learning Web3 development, from following the best builders in this space to learning through guided tutorials.

Step 1: Follow Web3 Developers On Twitter

A few notable names in this space:

If you want to follow more entrepreneurs in this space, a few personal recommendations include:

@0xMikado – Founder of Zilly Social (a Web3 Social Platform for Communities)

@alexanderhipp – Co-founder of Beyond (a community-tech application, bringing the power of web3 and blockchain to community builders)

@jwarshack Founder and Developer of Elixir Sound Library(A music sampling NFT platform on the Arbitrum network)

You may follow numerous feeds at once using tools like TweetDeck or RSS, and Twitter Lists are another method to categorize the individuals you follow into distinct niches like DeFi and NFTs or different categories like Ethereum development, Solana development, etc.

Step 2: Check Out Guided Web3 Development Tutorials On YouTube

There are an increasing number of web3 developers on YouTube in addition to Twitter.YouTube is a useful medium for giving detailed explanations of important ideas and for visually demonstrating coding tasks. Some of our favorites are as follows:

1. Web3 Foundation – official Web3 Foundation channel with a ton of useful information

How To Start Learning Web3

SOURCE: Web3 Foundation – YouTube

2. Patrick Collins – a proponent of developers, talks about programming languages, smart contracts, blockchain, DeFi, and fintech.

SOURCE: Patrick Collins – YouTube

3. Smart Contract Programmer – The 200+ videos on Solidity 0.8 and Viper 0.8 by Smart Contract Programmer are watched by thousands of aspiring Web3 engineers.

How To Start Learning Web3

SOURCE: Smart Contract Programmer – YouTube

Step 3: Complete a Tutorial to Learn & Understand Web3

The next step to understand the fundamentals and begin coding is to follow tutorials. You can complete them at your own pace and they typically don’t require prior knowledge.

Once you’ve completed a couple of guided YouTube Tutorials on various topics centered around Web3 Development, you should have a better understanding of how Web3 works, and be able to start building simple applications.

As a matter of fact, in Metana, some of the most popular projects explored in the Bootcamp program are:

  • How to Create an ERC-20 Token – This simple tutorial shows you how to deploy your own ERC-20 token on the testnet

SOURCE: What is the ERC-20 standard? ERC-20 Ethereum tokens (

  • Build a Web3 App with Solidity – This tutorial uses MetaMask and Hardhat to show you how to create a smart contract, connect a wallet, interact with the contract, and deploy.


  • Hardhat Tutorial for Beginners – This tutorial by the developer tool Hardhat explains how to create a project, configure a node.JS environment, use Ethers.js, and develop, debug, and deploy smart contracts

SOURCE: Hardhat’s tutorial for beginners | Ethereum development environment for professionals by Nomic Foundation

Step 4: Sign Up for a Web3 Developer Bootcamp

A specific topic can be explored in depth by prospective web3 developers through comprehensive bootcamps taught by qualified instructors.

How To Start Learning Web3 - metana

This is what we do here at Metana. We provide Software Engineers with a 4-month, code-focused training to help them become accomplished Web3 Developers.

At the same time, we guarantee them with a job in hand, so that not only are they good at Blockchain development, they also are able to initiate their career in the competitive Web3 space.

See you soon at Metana!

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